BIG PAPA Video clip

SUPER POWER: Unmatched strength.
HOBBIES: Always look after the cow herds anywhere and anytime.
WEAKNESS: Can't distinguish left side and right side.

Papa was the shortest among his siblings when he was a little boy and people called him “Red Knee”, because they need to knee down everytime they talk to him. Since then, Papa has been drinking a lot of farm milk. As a result, he has become strong & big. Now he can even lift up a cow with just one finger. When people left the countryside for the city, Papa decided to stay and take care of the farm and cows. Papa believes that if we drink fresh milk every day and work hard, we will get what we want.

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FLYING MAMA Video clip

SUPER POWER: Excellent flying skills and sharp-eyed.
HOBBIES: Make lipstick colors from nature. She likes short hair styles but sadly it is not possible because her hair will grow long in an hour.

Mama found out she could fly at 7 years old when she was trying her favorite dress in a fashion store. when she flew up for the first time, she found out that looking at her legs dangling in space was just amazing. Although she did not have enough money to buy the dress,the thought of wearing it made Mana excited and fly higher. Mama believes that the secrets of fashion can be found in nature if we spend time to explore, even in the curve of a cow.

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SUPER POWER: Excellent karate skill and at lightning speed.
UNLIKE: Sit still.
WISHES: He has a six-pack ab like Bruce Lee.

At 2 months old, Chop Chop shocked his parents by chopping down his wooden cradle by his little hand. As he grows up, he’s been always at lightning speed and especially hates sitting still. What he hates the most is watching the cows eating. Oh so slow! Though Chop Chop is not an excellent student, he is an always-be-there savior for his friends at school. In the farm, his most favorite activity is chopping the firewood.

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SUPER POWER: Talk to nature in KUN language.
UNLIKE: Bathing.
HOBBIES: Collect yellow leaves and eat them.

TAM TUOT likes talking since she was inside Flying Mama’s tummy. When Mama was pregant, she saw lots of birds, butterflies and baby squirrels playing around her. It was because TAM TUOT called them to come and tell her stories about the outside world. Her brother, the lightning speed boy, has told Tam Tuot about a wonderful chatting channel: Facebook. She wants to grow up faster to create a Facebook page so that she can make friends with all kinds of animals and plants around the world to… chat with them.

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HOBBIES: Swim in fresh water lakes on the farm.

Once upon a winter, Whatever the Duck made a vacation plan to Hawaii.
On the way, he encountered Flying Mama who was flying at the speed of light, so Whatever the Duck had to land on Love’in Farm to find new plumage.
Found crystal clear lakes and fresh air, Whatever the Duck decided to stay at the dairy farm and considered it his new beloved home.

MOO THE COW Video clip

Round like a ball
So clumsy, not careful at all
Rolling around, she loves it
Spinning over and over
Around, around and around

The Incredible Farmer Family is delighted to welcome a new special member: Moo the Cow.

Moo is a very close friend of CHOP CHOP & TAM TUOT.
People can mistake her with a ball for her special shape and patterns. The more she rolls, the rounder she is.

Video clip

SUPER POWER: The special mossy layers help Green Moss predicts the weather precisely.
HOBBIES: Teach Tam Tuot to sing French songs.

It is a special kind of tree, the “BFF” of Tam Tuot. More than a hundred years old, Green Moss grew up since the French built their first dairy farm. Green Moss often talks about the “French period” and occasionally sings French songs like “Alouette, Gentille Alouette”.

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