ABILITY: Invent chemicals to destroy the farm.
TOP SECRET: He has never got a doctor degree. Instead, he just finished Grade 4 and was the most stupid student in the class.

Dr. Do is on a wicked plan to prevent children from growing taller and smarter.
The first step is to attack and destroy the dairy farm KUN.
Would he defeat The Incredible Farmer Family?
Would he succeed with his conspiracy to make the children of this world become dumb dwarfs like him?
Weakness: When he sees children’s good report cards, he cries.

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ABILITY: Create monster armies from the outer space.
WEAKNESS: Just tickle his left heel and you will see.
TOP SECRET: His muscles are rubbish because they are fake.

When not creating those horrible alien armies, he exercises. Kho-Lo wants to look great in the battles between the galaxy and people in 30,012.
A prophet said human will grow tall and brave by drinking KUN milk and will defeat the aliens in 30,012.
Do not want that to happen, he goes back to 2014 to destroy KUN dairy farm.

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ABILITY: Turn everything into dust.
WEAKNESS: Fear of rain.
WEIRDO: Love the sand but hate the ocean.

Dust hates rain. Actually, he is horrified when he gets wet. He likes dry areas where he can fly and hold on anything he wants. The factory where he was born is his favorite place.
Dust did not know he was dangerous anyway… until he realizes his strength. With an incredible power, he can destroy anything good and natural.

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