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We aim to seek and develop ingredients divisions with natural endowment to create nutritious fresh milk for Vietnamese families. We believe that only natural freely dairy cows can produce the real fresh and nutritious milk.
Pactum Diary is one of leading corporations in Australia, provide nutritious dairy products with consistent high quality by applying latest innovative technologies and nutritious solutions.
Therefore, IDP and Pactum Dirary constantly toward to create nutritious products with a goal to respect and preserve natural resourses, cooperate with leading nutrition and technology partners to produce the most natural, luscious and nutritious milk.

LiF 100% Fresh Milk From Goulburn, Australia

LiF 100% Fresh Milk is Australian nature goodness with full of nutrients from happy cows living in Goulburn Valley. The milk from farm is packed within 24 hours and imported full-box from Australia.
Available in 1L and 250ml with unsweetened and less sweentened flavor.

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sữa tươi LIF sữa tươi LIF