Ba Vi 100% Fresh Milk

Ba Vi has long been chosen for breeding milk cows thanks to its natural advantages such as abundant pure water supply from Da river, pure fresh air and green meadows surrounding Tan mountain. Together with multi-generational family farms with passed on experiences in breeding milk cows, Ba Vi has become the ideal land for a special delicious and nutritious milk. Ba Vi Fresh Milk is 100% pure-authentic and delicious milk!


Packaging Specification:

Carton 110ml & 180ml (4 cartons/block)

Target Audience:

Products suitable for all family member

Highlight Benefits:

Ba Vi 100% Fresh Milk supplement calcium and protein that helps provide energy, strengthen bone and support immune system, keeping your family healthy and full of energy everyday.

Producing Progress:
100% fresh milk is purchased from Ba Vi's farms that meet highest hygiene, safety and quality standard
When delivered to plant, milk will be inspected according to international standard and mixed with other ingredients
Milk is pasteurized at required temperature to preserve its delicious taste and nutrients
Milk is inspected, cooled and poured into aseptic storage tanks that meet highest hygiene standards
Milk is filled into cartons and packed aseptically by top experts
Each delicious and nutritious milk pack is delivered to Vietnamese families

Milk (100% fresh cow’s milk), sugar, stabilizer (E471, E407), synthetic flavors for foods.


Nutrition fact per 110ml:



Preservation Instruction:

– Keep in dry and cool place
– Recommended for children over 3 years old with 2 boxes (180ml/day) va 3 boxes (110ml/day).

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Ba Vì Fresh Milk

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