LIF Young Corn Milk

LIF Young Corn Milk with its delicious flavor and excellent quality is a great choice daily for your family.

Packaging Specification:

Carton 110ml & 180ml (04 cartons/block)

Highlight Benefits:

• Nutritious:
LIF Young Corn Milk is rich in vitamin A to boost eyesight and vitamin B to enhance memory, provides nutritional supplement for brain development.
• Fresh:
Young corn from 2 ~ 3 months is carefully selected during juicy phase with its sweet taste and delicious corn juice.
• Cool:
LIF Young Corn Milk is extracted from naturally young corn juice, completely non stimulant, bringing you corn’s unique refreshing taste.

Producing Progress:
Select 2-3 months old young corn
Corn is grinded and remnants removed
Corn liquid extract is collected
Mix with other ingredients such as milk, sugar
Sterilized by modern UHT technology and packaged in aseptic condition
Product is delivered to Vietnamese consumers

Water, young corn (10%), non-fat dry milk, vegetable cream powder, white sugar, fructose, stabilizer (E407, E466, E460i), synthetic flavors for foods, vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B6), salt.

Nutrition fact per 110ml:


Preservation Instruction:

– Single-use only
– Store in a cool, dry place
– Better when served cold
– Recommended for children over 3 years old with two boxes (180ml / day) and 3 boxes (110ml / day)



  • IDP is the first company in Vietnam that uses modern and convenient seven-layer paper cartons for package.
  • A shelf life of 6 months from date.

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LIF Young Corn Milk

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