LIF always tries to select from natural milk supplies from areas with the most favorable natural conditions, suitable for dairy cow breeding

From Goulburn Valley, Australia to Ba Vi - famous lands with uniquely favorable natural conditions such as pure air, cool climate, clean water supply, year-round green meadows, our relaxed, happy free-range cows always produce the most delicious, fresh and nutritious milk for millions of Vietnamese families.

Our milk comes from the happiest free-range cows

We believe that the most nutritious, fresh and delicious milk comes from cows that live in a happy, comfortable and natural environment. In all LIF dairy farms, our cows are well taken care of: they breathe pure air, drink clean water, and eat fresh grass. Their health is carefully monitored by dedicated and experienced farmers who always ensure they are in the best condition, from Goulburn Valley, Australia - one of the world's best known regions for milk supplies – to the renowned Ba Vi, one of the rare dairy producing areas in Vietnam that is gifted with favorable natural conditions suitable for breeding dairy cows.

Modern procurement that ensures quality and hygiene safety

The procurement of milk supplies always adheres to the strictest procedures of LIF brand and international partners such as Pactum Dairy, Australia, ensuring quality and highest safety level. Milk is purchased at farms, taken to collection stations, and delivered to our factory in an effective-safe and quick self-contained process, ensuring purity and highest hygiene standards.

Modern manufacturing factory with international standard technology

All LIF products are either imported from Australia via its partner Pactum Dairy or locally produced in three factories: Chuong My, Ba Vi (Ha Noi) and Cu Chi (Ho Chi Minh City). All products are manufactured and processed on a production line featuring advanced technology of international standards and a closed-loop sterilizing and packaging line from Tetrapak – Sweden to preserve milk's essential nutrients, quality and ensure hygiene safety.

Delicious, nutritious, safe and high quality milk products

LIF is proud of its fresh milk and yogurt products for the family, LIF KUN for kids and the latest LIF Young Corn Milk which is gaining the love and trust of millions of Vietnamese of all ages.