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LIF 100% fresh milk from Goulburn Valley, Australia

Ingredient of LIF 100% Fresh Milk come from Goulburn Valley, located in Victoria state in Australia. With large grasses field and favorable natural conditions, Goulburn Valley is an ideal place for dairy farming.

Free life of dairy cows

Dairy cows in Goulburn Valley live in a free-range environment with spacious grasses field. Having pure air, clean water and fresh grass, they always live in spacious, happy farm and produce quality and nutritious fresh milk.

Produce and pack within 24 hours

The milk is transported by tank to Pactum factory. Milk is checked for quality to meet Australian standard by expert. UHT pasteurized technology and international standards of Tetra Pak packaging process preserve 100% natural nutrients in fresh milk, which contains no preservatives.
The whole process is within 24 hours at Pactum factory, Goulburn Valley, Australia. Therefore,with full-box imported milk from Australia, Lif 100% Fresh Milk is totally fresh, natural and nutrious as using immediately right in the Goulburn.

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