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Human resources strategy

Over the past ten years, IDP has built a unique working environment that is professional, friendly and open so that our employees can develop their skills and nurture their careers.

At IDP, strive to provide an environment that offers efficient working schedules, rewards productive work habits as well as offering attractive compensation and bonus policies.

Talent acquisition policy: Unlike other companies in the same industry, IDP offers competitive salary and compensation policies to attract new talent from different backgrounds as well as retain experienced employees.

Human Resource Policies: We aim to provide a professional and dynamic working environment that enables our employees to fully utilize their talents, creativity, knowledge and experience, and we are continually improving our human resource policies.

Compensation Policy: IDP offers employees a comprehensive compensation and benefits policy, which is based on criteria such as: work results, business contribution to ward the development of IDP and the company’s business performance.

The IDP compensation package includes:

  • Salary: Paid in accordance with an employee’s competency level, qualifications and experience. In addition, IDP also offers the 13th month salary.
  • Allowance: Employees are provided with allowances for work purposes such as lunch, telephone, travel and other expenses related to work.
  • Bonus: Performance based, during holidays, birthdays, upon project/campaign completion.
  • Seniority policy: Bonus for senior employees in the form of cash, gifts or certificates.
  • Social Welfare Policy: IDP pays social, medical and unemployment insurance in accordance with legal regulations. Manager-level employees are also provided with AON CARE – Comprehensive Health Insurance. In addition, IDP provides annual vacation and team building programs for employees.

Training and Promotion Policies

  • Training Policy: To help develop employees’ professional competencies and soft skills, IDP has built a specialized training program for all levels of staff, including: Integration Training and Sales Skills Training program for the new employees, monthly training for current employees, human resource management and business management workshops for managers, soft skills training for new managers, sessions training, discussion and consultation on crisis management.
  • Promotion Policy: IDP’s promotion scheme has always been transparent. We create opportunities for employees to prove their abilities and leadership and advance in the company when vacancies occur. Talent Acquisition policies are continually improved to ensure that we secure the best human resources that contribute to IDP’s continued growth and development.

We are proud that the IDP name has come to represent high quality products, innovation, and professionalism. When you join our team, you share this premier reputation, something that can help propel your career forward.